Fee Structure

*Each term consists of 10 lessons with the exception of Term 5, which has 8 lessons,

 and fees will be adjusted accordingly. For the full course fee structure, please refer to our Course Fee Structure tab under Our Classes



10:30am - 12:30pm
3:15pm - 5:15pm

10.30am - 12:30pm

​7:00pm - 9:00pm

 Versatility in the examinations
It is our ironclad belief that our students must excel in both Hybrid Question (Descriptive plus Reflective) and Argumentative or Discursive essays. Learning to write the “Descriptive” genre will, to a large extent, help students to appreciate Text B of the Comprehension exam and also to do well in Situational Writing. We have a vast TRT’s Descriptive writing resources for students to leverage on in our English Tuition Programme. 

Oral communication skills

We are cognizant of the fact for our students to reach the pinnacle of their career, their ability to speak well is of paramount importance. We have crafted our unique in-house Oral communication notes and regularly updated it with the latest current affairs and simulated a quasi-Court environment where students can present their viewpoints to ace their O Level English Oral examination.

Linguistic Skills
Mastering Linguistic Skills is the bedrock for attaining a Distinction in Comprehension and this is where we teach our students the “Linguistic formulas” to be applied to Short Questions and Summary in our English Tuition Programme.

Critical Thinking and Content Knowledge

Aside from skills and methodologies, we spend hours researching and sorting through useful articles from a gamut of reputable journalistic entities. During our lessons, we encourage the sharing of different perspectives which establishes an optimal environment for critical thinking. Armed with both content knowledge and eloquence, our students are able to outperform their peers in the examinations.

Make-up lessons are available if you are unable to make it for your allocated lesson slot

$65/ lesson

$650/ term*​

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