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I am interested in art. I actually went to the National Gallery Singapore recently. One which I remember clearly would be Yayoi Kusama’s Life Is The Heart Of A Rainbow. My parents took me there and it was quite an eye-opener. It was my first foray/ venture into Contemporary Art (never say Modern Art!), rather different from what I usually frequent. I am more familiar with manga and comics, which typically have a story, or some form of theme, like coming-of-age stories for example. Abstract art throws that out the window.

Yayoi was exploring in her works concepts like colour, form and space. I remember she had some large room installations. In particular, there was one with the tulips. She installed a giant sculpture of a tulip and covered the room in colourful POLKA DOTS on a white background. Supposedly, it was about her concept of

self-obliteration (http://www.tate.org.uk/context-comment/blogs/kusama-and-self-obliteration).

I think it is very profound, perhaps representative of us as individuals merging into society, or becoming engulfed and swallowed up by our environment. The interesting thing is, Yayoi also dealt with depression during a period of her life. Art is unique because it is a blank canvas for us to deal with emotions and irrationality, in a space which is unconstrained by words. It is a powerful tool for us to deal with grief, trauma and other issues which are pressing issues of today. [Edwin Wong To Teach On Chinese Artist Ai Wei Wei]

Right now, there are two exhibitions going on which I am interested in. After seeing Yayoi’s work, I’m quite eager to see what other artists have to show the world.

One exhibition is Colours of Impressionism: Masterpieces from the Musée d’Orsay. From what I know of Impressionism, it’s an art style, or art movement rather characterised by ordinary, everyday subject matter and an emphasis on accurate depictions of movement and light. As an amateur artist I sketch people and landscapes, so I hope to gain some useful insights from the masters.

 The other exhibition is on two regional artists, one from Indonesia and the other from the Philippines, so I want to see what they are up to.


I am interested in art. Art has special meaning for me because of my cousin, Aaron, who is autistic. The two of us have never been close, but last year we took an art class together at the request of my aunt. While he is normally temperamental, I discovered a different side of him through his artwork. Instead of getting agitated, Aaron described his feelings on the canvas. The way he combines different mediums (oil, acrylic paints, watercolour) has also left me in awe at the way his mind works. The art class allowed us to get to know each other better.

Recently, we paid a visit to Yayoi Kusama’s Life Is The Heart Of A Rainbow at the National Gallery Singapore. Aaron was very keen on going, as he is a fan of Yayoi’s polka dot motifs, because he likes the whimsical colours and patterns. He thoroughly enjoyed playing with the installation pieces.

This year, we are looking forward to two more exhibitions. Aaron seems to have his heart set on going to the one called Between Worlds: Raden Saleh and Juan Luna.  I think it will be quite interesting too. These artists are from around the region, so we will get to see a lot of cool Asian and Islamic influences on art.


I am not interested in art. I actually attended an art gallery recently. I attended Yayoi Kusama’s Life Is The Heart Of A Rainbow, and it was very unappealing. Abstract art deals with issues in an unstructured fashion, which makes me uncomfortable. I feel that artists are not well-connected with the real world and grounded in reality

The 'O' Level English Oral Communcation notes illustrated below is an example of what students who enrol for our Upper Secondary English Tuition Programme receive.

Our Upper Secondary English Tuition Programme is designed to be easily digestible by students of any calibre, read further to find out more.

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