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The Rationale Thinking Learning Centre currently offers 'A' Level General Paper tuition, IP Year 3 and 4 English tuition and Upper Secondary English tuition. Find out more about each tuition track under Our Programmes tab.

Many students in Singapore struggle with mastering the Language subjects. The English language is arguably the most important subject in Singapore as it is the most common medium of communication. Furthermore, the daily use of Singapore Colloquial English (Singlish) is exacerbating the problem further. A strong foundation in the English language is vital to acing other subjects such as General Paper, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, etc. and ultimately getting placements in Ivy League Universities. At The Rationale Thinking, we specialise in coaching our students in the English Language and General Paper. Our specially curated curriculum aims to break down the complexity of mastering the English language and General Paper to give our students the confidence to attain their Distinctions.

We pride ourselves in not just enabling our students to score Distinctions for their 'O' Level English Examinations and 'A' Level General Paper. We also believe in moulding the next generation to become Global Thinkers. With our carefully curated inhouse notes, we train and impart our students with skills and knowledge that are not taught in school. Not forgetting to build up a good character to prepare them for their future careers in the world’s leading industries.

All of our tuition classes offered are group tuition. We believe in the cross-fertilisation of ideas while studying for your English Language and General Paper. Unlike Science and Mathematics, the English language and General Paper requires more than just rote learning of formulas. As a group, our students are exposed to varies ideas and opinions. This will ultimately aid them in their 'A' Level General Paper and 'O' Level English examination. Our class sizes are also well controlled to ensure that no student is left out and will leave each class every week with new knowledge.

Mr Edwin Wong coaches his students for both the English tuition and General Paper tuition programmes. He is a well sought-after English language specialist, revolutionary thinker and transformational Teacher. He has helped many students achieve Distinctions in their 'O' Level English Examinations and their 'A' Level General Paper. Many of his students have went on to secure placements in competitive academic courses in local universities or obtained Public Service Commission (Overseas Scholarship) with Ivy-League Universities.

The essay illustrated above is a condensed version of what students who enrol for our English/ IP/ GP Tuition Programme receive.

Our English/ IP / GP Tuition Programme is designed to be easily digestible by students of any calibre.

To find out more about how we coach our English tuition and General Paper tuition programme tuition, you may contact us at 6909 0001 and sign up for a trial lesson.

Thriving in this age is no small task. The individual is called upon to balance his own temperament and needs against a society which demands a diverse range of skill sets to meet the requirements of a rapidly globalising market. I would define thriving as achieving such balance: achieving what one would deem as professional success, while maintaining a positive emotional wellbeing. As such, I firmly believe that reading can certainly empower one to thrive in life.


It is indisputable that with the flourishing of the interweb, publications have never been so accessible. Sites like Slate, BBC, Google Books or Kindle, offer a platform where veterans from all walks of life can share their expertise via the medium of the typed word. This plethora of online manuals and articles can now be summoned on common pocket devices with just the touch of a finger. Reading—and a milieu that encourages reading—would then resultantly spur the tapping on such rich concentrations of knowledge, acquiring one new aptitudes for varying tasks. The expansion of skill sets would enable one to stay current with ongoing shifts in market demands, giving one the competitive edge that would aid in achieving success in one’s professional life.


If writing is the expression of one’s perspective—fictional or otherwise—then reading is the visual ingestion of perspectives outside our own. To be vulnerable to perspectives outside our own is not only be enlightened on things we did not know, but to be challenged regarding the things we thought we did. A study published in Science Magazine in 2013 by David Comer Kidd called “Reading Literary Fiction Improves Theory of Mind,” contended that the reading of fiction resulted in participants internally assessing their personalities in relation to characters in the Chekov short story. Another study conducted by Leila Wehbe of Carnegie Mellon University in 2014, “Simultaneously Uncovering the Patterns of Brain Regions Involved in Different Story Reading Subprocesses,” detailed how reading about fictional characters involved the same portions of the brain that correlated to performing the exact actions the fictional characters performed—in other words, reading incited empathy. These studies concur with the existing research that people who identified as readers also reported experiencing richer emotional lives with themselves and others. The empathetic self-awareness precipitated by reading allows one to reassess one’s feelings towards one’s own circumstance in relation to others. This self-awareness would then urge one to make the necessary steps for his circumstance’s betterment.


I would like to put forth the notion that there are types of reading, each governed by the attitudes taken up while reading. We navigate an information saturated age; all around the individual is assailed with garish advertisements, lurid headlines; contradicting opinions preaching truth wrangle on their shared online platforms, attempting to parry each other to the death—see the media coverage for US 2016 elections. It is not enough to read believing blindly each encountered article as one would doctrine, nor is it wise to simply read with the intention of having one’s own beliefs reaffirmed. A sliver of skepticism, a discerning eye, and a dash of humility depending on the article, is always helpful with regards when it comes to the subjective realm of writing and reading. I would propose a reading style that hinges on the active evaluation of oneself and its text, for one to fully glean the appropriate knowledge needed to aid one’s journey in thriving through life.  

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The essay illustrated below is a condensed version of what students who enrol for our English/ IP/ GP Tuition Programme receive.

Our English/ IP / GP Tuition Programme is designed to be easily digestible by students of any calibre, read further to find out more.

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