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Parks and green spaces are ubiquitous in Singapore. The lush flora and fauna are omnipresent, with plant life flourishing in this concrete jungle filled with towering skyscrapers. Be it roof top gardens, vertical gardens or simply a nature reserve are indispensable for city dwellers. They are imbued with immense stress and work load and require an outlet to destress. Albeit some may assert that parks and other green spaces are impractical and inefficacious in bringing about benefits to the urbanites.

Thesis 1:

​Point: Parks and green spaces are of paramount importance to urbanite as they provide spaces for sports and recreation.

Elaboration: The health of a city and its people are both important. Such spaces would allow city dwellers to slow down their footsteps and take a breather. Trail networks link individual parks making them easier to bike and walk, Old rail lines can also be transformed into greenways, and gardens planted on rooftops maximize limited space.

Example No. 1: The now defunct Tanjong Pagar Railway station has been transformed into a green corridor. Today, it is a popular venue for private events, ranging from carnivals, pop-up restaurants to high-end fashion shows and product launches. The annual green corridor run is also held along the railway train tracks.

Evaluation of example No. 1: Such green spaces provide an outlet for recreational and sporting activities. In a land scarce city, such spaces are hard to come by. Not only does the green corridor provide spaces for activities, it also serves as a platform for interaction between the various ethnic groups in Singapore. This not only reinforces racial harmony but brings about economic value as well. As the various carnivals and restaurants are able to bring about jobs and inject funds into the economy, killing two birds with one stone.

Link: Thus as the sports and recreation activities are able to value add to the Singapore economy and sporting scene they are of prime importance.

Anti-Thesis 1

Point 2: Parks and green spaces are not important as they are a major cause of noise pollution in cities.

Elaboration: It is widely purported that urban parks and open spaces can improve the urban environment by cleansing the air and reducing the noise. However, such environmental functions can be constrained by the size and the location of urban parks in very dense cities.

Example: In the city of Curitiba in Brazil, noise levels of around 60 dB(A) Leq were recorded in parks near the downtown area. Although 60 dB(A) Leq is about the same volume as a normal human conversation, it is quite self-defeating to enter an urban oasis only to hear noise as loud as incessant chatting next to your ear. Similarly noise levels in the urban parks in Hong Kong are not significantly lower than those at the typical home environment. Close proximity to heavy traffic was one key factor in influencing noise levels in city parks. Thus, it is imperative to consider how city parks can be modified to adapt to noise pollution so that it becomes a proper resting place for tired urbanites.

Evaluation of example: These findings lend support to the postulation that the capability of urban parks and green spaces in dense cities to improve the urban environment is rather limited.

Link: Hence, due to the noise pollution it brings about, which is ironic considering how they were built to bring about serenity and tranquility to people’s lives, parks and green spaces are not important as it goes against the grain.

Thesis 2

Point 3: There are innumerable health benefits associated with access to parks and other green spaces. Such benefits include reduced stressed levels and reduced depression.

Elaboration: Giving people access to the natural environment could yield important benefits for the "mental capital" of a city. Green urbanism, the practice of creating communities beneficial to humans and the environment, is an important element of a liveable city. Trees improve air quality, reduce cooling and heating energy use, and make urban environments a pleasure to behold. Parks allow people to gain a fresh perspective on life, helping visitors to temporarily escape from buildings and crowded streets. Moreover, parks and greenery, such as New York's Central Park and Singapore's Botanic Gardens, soften the tone of a built landscape and make high-density urban environments more liveable.

Example No. 1: Contact with nature improves the physical and mental health of individuals and communities. Physical activity during gardening, for instance, reduces stress, anxiety and depression. Natural environments could even improve attention and memory. One study published in the Straits Times has shown that hospital patients who were able to look out at trees and nature from windows recover more quickly from surgery than those whose views were restricted to buildings.

Example No. 2: According to the World Health Organisation, one study found that people who use public green spaces are three times more likely to achieve recommended levels of physical activity that those who do not use the spaces. In the US, an evaluation of the largest 85 US cities in the country found that the health savings from parks was an estimated $3.08 billion.

Example No. 3: An article published by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health in 2016 mentioned that one way to reduce obesity and promote healthy living among children is through increased physical activity. Evidence suggests that built environments, such as, parks and trails are associated with increased physical activity and several studies have noted that insufficient or low-quality parks and green spaces are linked to inadequate levels of physical activity and increased obesity rates.

Evaluation of example: People can experience a refreshing sense of tranquility, away from the bustle and noise of the city.  As parks and green spaces provide an avenue for people to exercise and engage in physical activities, naturally, obesity rates would be lower as opposed to places with little green spaces.

Link: Thus, parks and other forms of green spaces have the potential to increase levels of physical activity, and to have mental health benefits and reduce healthcare and other costs.

Anti-Thesis 2

Point 4: In lieu of (Instead of) city land constraints, parks and green spaces could have been utilized more effectively.

Elaboration: Some people may posit that parks and green spaces are an unnecessary drain of resources and use of precious urban space. In a land scarce city, every inch of land has undergone assiduous planning in the city’s blue print. Howbeit, some view that parks and green spaces failed to serve its purpose well and is rather a blatant mistake for they could have been better utilized. In fact, parks and green spaces reward investment disproportionately.

Example: Hyde Park in central London, Central Park in New York and Phoenix Park in Dublin are all situated in a prime location in the city center.

Evaluation of example: If developed as “places” and planned around major public destinations, they would build local economies, civic pride, social connection, and human happiness in an increasingly congested urban landscape.

Link: The land set aside for parks and green spaces could have been better utilized especially in a land scarce city.


Parks and Green spaces it provides spaces for sporting and recreation activities. Furthermore, it also brings about a substantial amount of health benefits. However, it is worthy to note that as much as parks and green spaces are important, the sun doesn’t always shine, parks and green spaces are not perfect. Not only do they contribute to noise pollution, but also to takes up precious land area which could have been utilised better. A population dense city would not be able to afford as much green spaces as a less dense one. Thus, whether parks and green spaces are cardinal to people living in a city would largely depend on the demographics of the city.

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The essay illustrated below is a condensed version of what students who enrol for our English/ IP/ GP Tuition Programme receive.

Our English/ IP / GP Tuition Programme is designed to be easily digestible by students of any calibre, read further to find out more.

How are parks and other green spacces important to people living in a city?

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