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The Rationale Thinking Learning Centre currently offers 'A' Level General Paper tuition, IP Year 3 and 4 English tuition and Upper Secondary English tuition. Find out more about each tuition track under Our Programmes tab.

Many students in Singapore struggle with mastering the Language subjects. The English language is arguably the most important subject in Singapore as it is the most common medium of communication. Furthermore, the daily use of Singapore Colloquial English (Singlish) is exacerbating the problem further. A strong foundation in the English language is vital to acing other subjects such as General Paper, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, etc. and ultimately getting placements in Ivy League Universities. At The Rationale Thinking, we specialise in coaching our students in the English Language and General Paper. Our specially curated curriculum aims to break down the complexity of mastering the English language and General Paper to give our students the confidence to attain their Distinctions.

We pride ourselves in not just enabling our students to score Distinctions for their 'O' Level English Examinations and 'A' Level General Paper. We also believe in moulding the next generation to become Global Thinkers. With our carefully curated inhouse notes, we train and impart our students with skills and knowledge that are not taught in school. Not forgetting to build up a good character to prepare them for their future careers in the world’s leading industries.

All of our tuition classes offered are group tuition. We believe in the cross-fertilisation of ideas while studying for your English Language and General Paper. Unlike Science and Mathematics, the English language and General Paper requires more than just rote learning of formulas. As a group, our students are exposed to varies ideas and opinions. This will ultimately aid them in their 'A' Level General Paper and 'O' Level English examination. Our class sizes are also well controlled to ensure that no student is left out and will leave each class every week with new knowledge.

Mr Edwin Wong coaches his students for both the English tuition and General Paper tuition programmes. He is a well sought-after English language specialist, revolutionary thinker and transformational Teacher. He has helped many students achieve Distinctions in their 'O' Level English Examinations and their 'A' Level General Paper. Many of his students have went on to secure placements in competitive academic courses in local universities or obtained Public Service Commission (Overseas Scholarship) with Ivy-League Universities.

"The increase of dual income families will lead to the erosion of family values." Discuss?

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The essay illustrated above is a condensed version of what students who enrol for our English/ IP/ GP Tuition Programme receive.

Our English/ IP / GP Tuition Programme is designed to be easily digestible by students of any calibre.

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In 2015, the public discussion on the Our Families forum organised by students at the National University of Singapore, chaired by Mathew Mathews of the Strait Times, aimed to discuss the various composite elements the term Family can encompass, how the semantic umbrella has broadened over the years with regards to alternative families, and if policy should do the same. The forum included the reaffirmation of the traditional conjugal family—whose values I shall discuss the erosion of—and the acknowledgement of various shifts that have occurred within them.

Rapid industrialisation—which has radically changed the face of Singapore over the last two centuries—has served as a vital agent towards the emancipation of women. Women in Singapore are granted access to the same educational amenities as their male counterparts, gradually untethering themselves from the constrictions of gender roles within the household, allowing them to pursue their own careers and aspirations. This increase of women in the labour force has ensued/ resulted in a proportional increase of dual income families. This phenomenon has consequently been the cause of worry for some Singaporeans, Associate Professor Tan Ern Ser, Sociologist at the National University of Singapore suggests, as what forays the traditional conceptualisation of Family makes towards change can often seem daunting: the act of women withdrawing their previous means of contributing to the family in the form of domestic chores and tending to children. I would however, posit that the investments women towards the institution of the family only change, rather than diminish, along with evolution of society, and that this change would not lead to a jeopardising of Singaporean Family values.

In the ‘Singaporeans Value Families Survey’ done by Channel News Asian in 2015, there seem to be an underlying consensus with regards to/ in respect of family values in which all Singaporeans aspire towards: a strong sense of filial piety towards one’s parents, and the desire to have and care for one’s own children. Upholding these values in the face of rising costs of living is becoming more financially onerous: Richard Hurtang writes in TodayOnline ‘Prepare for the cost of raising a child,’ 2016, that the estimated costs of raising a child in Singapore range from around S$200,000 at the low end to a seemingly astronomical sum of nearly S$1 million at the high end, with about S$360,000 as a middle-range average. Health Minister Mr Gan Kim Yong delivered a keynote address at the opening of the two-day Healthcare in Asia Summit organised by The Economist, stating that by 2030, one in five Singaporean residents will be aged 65 and above — meaning the Republic’s rate of ageing will be four times faster than that in developed countries. He added that healthcare demand and chronic disease burden will rise as the elderly will be more likely to be hospitalised and suffer from chronic and age-related conditions. The increase of dual income families would better enable both working adults to provide for the material and medical needs of dependents.

Providing holistic care for both children and elderly parents however, requires more than just the satisfaction of material needs. The requisite for nurturing of emotional health demands intimacy and the physical presence of both working adults. Ideas regarding the role of men and women within the home setting should evolve, as they do outside the home in the workspace. It is pivotal that the responsibility shared within the domestic space be fairly shouldered by both parties to prevent either person from being overtaxed. Only then can family values be optimally upheld, creating a stable milieu of inter-reliance within the family unit.

Upper Secondary English Tuition Programme Sample Essay

The essay illustrated below is a condensed version of what students who enrol for our English/ IP/ GP Tuition Programme receive.

Our English/ IP / GP Tuition Programme is designed to be easily digestible by students of any calibre, read further to find out more.

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