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Mr Wong, an all-rounded tutor who enlightened me. 

Andrew scored a perfect GPA 4 after attending Mr Wong's lessons.

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Prior to joining Mr Wong’s tuition class at the beginning of June, I had barely scraped a meagre 2.5 GPA. I had difficulty with inference, paraphrasing and had no idea whatsoever of linguistic skills. It was not just comprehension skills which I had trouble with, but I was also at a loss about the structure of expository writing.

Mr Wong, who shows a burning passion for teaching, constantly gives feedback and guidance for me to improve, even going the extra mile to make his own set of notes and practices. Furthermore, he strongly emphasises on using articles from a variety of credible sources which provide his students with ample content, and produces his own model essays. Despite Mr Wong’s lessons being a group tuition, he still ensures that he attends to the needs of each student, and always offers a helping hand to assist any individual in grasping each topic.

 During the short time of just 2 months with Mr Wong, not only was I able to pull up my GPA to 4.0, but ranked number 2 in the entire school. I am thankful for Mr Wong’s guidance and tutelage in helping me to achieve this substantial achievement.

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Within 2 months, Daniel jumped from GPA 2.5 to 4. He was also ranked 1st

in class and 2nd in Victoria School

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Daniel Ng

Victoria School

I started attending Mr Wong's GP lessons at the end of IP Year 3, in order to prepare myself for the subject most A-level students seem to be afraid of. However, from the first lesson, I found myself being thoroughly immersed in Mr Wong's explanation and analysis of topics crucial to the workings of society today. As lessons continued, I genuinely found the content interesting and it became more natural as I broadened my knowledge beyond simply studying for the subject. Furthermore, as language is a skill that takes time and practice to master, my extended time in these GP lessons proved beneficial as I was able to build up my vocabulary while sharpening my answering techniques.

To my delight, I was able to apply these skills and come in as 1st in my whole school during my JC1 Mid Year and promo exams, and am continuously working towards achieving higher goals. Thanks Mr Wong!

Park Ji Won

Formerly from Raffles Institution ​​and Raffles Girls' School

Ruth came in 1st in her promos and her recent GP exam

I joined Mr Wong in May this year after my SA1. I was struggling with comprehension as the inference questions had pulled my marks down and I only attained 21/40, which is a GPA 2!

Through a friend’s recommendation, I contacted Mr Wong. He managed to help me tackle the comprehension questions easily and taught me to use the right keywords and how to answer different types of questions systematically. He also taught us many skills that I had found interesting, like the different methods to react to direct lifting and summary questions. He also taught us how to differentiate the different types of questions accordingly and answer them with ease. 

With alacrity in his lessons and his assiduous spirit in the way he carried out things, I achieved 21/25, a perfect GPA 4 for my CA2 comprehension exam, scoring full marks for all inference questions.

I joined Mr Wong in J2 as I was struggling with my GP. For composition, the only topic that I knew was Science and Technology. 

Mr Wong’s strengths are not only in Politics and Human Rights, but he also taught us Arts (which you typically get 1 to 2 questions during the A Level exam).

Being a Science stream student, I always thought that Art is abstract and it was hardly covered in school but Mr Wong was uniquely able to cover both Science and the Arts. It was interesting because he teaches art from a business angle. I think this is largely attributable to his previous banking background and years living in London and Hong Kong. He is able to provide different perspectives on why art is important to a country and the economic and aesthetic benefits that it bring. True indeed, during the A-Level exam, there were 2 questions on Art.

I am grateful that he made us see the importance of GP that in whichever career that we go into, the skills to write and present are important.

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Ruth Lim

Temasek Junior College

Andrew Aw

Victoria School

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