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IP Year 1 &2

IP Year 3 & 4

General Paper

Upper Secondary


*Each term consists of 10 lessons with the exception of Term 5, which has 8 lessons, and fees will be adjusted accordingly.

‚ÄčAll fees quoted above are exclusive of material fees.

‚ÄčA material fee of $25/ term ($2.50/ lessons) is applicable.

Final year students in their respective education level, i.e. 'O' Level, IP Year 4 and JC 2 students, who join The Rationale Thinking Learning Centre after May will have their course fees adjusted to cater to the contents that the student have missed prior to his enrolment.


$65/ lesson

$650/ term*

$65/ lesson
$650/ term*

$80/ lesson
$800/ term*

$65/ lesson
$650/ term*

Course Fee Adjustments for 'O' Level, IP Year 4 and JC 2 students who enrol after May

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