Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first 

Mrs Lay Ling
Parent of Ryan and Shaun Ong
Students of Mr Edwin Wong

Dr Francesca Poh
Parent of Cheranne Lim
Tanjong Katong Girls School
Student of Mr Edwin Wong

Mrs Wei

Parent of Wei Yuxin

Student of Mr Edwin Wong

"A teacher who is able to inspire, to empower and to instill the love of learning is like a rare gem."

Mr Edwin Wong speaks well and teaches well. He is the archetypal of a star English tutor with an amiable disposition. My two children have been attending his English tuition class for the past year.
My elder son, Ryan, thoroughly relished the lessons taught. The English tuition curriculum conducted by Mr Wong adopts a holistic approach. It has helped my sons to improve their communication skills, creative writing, vocabulary and grammar. It has broadened their horizon!
My younger son, Shaun, dislikes tuition because he feels that it is a waste of time and money. However, he doesn’t mind attending Mr. Wong’s English tuition because he consistently delivers a high quality learning experience. The lessons are enriched with current affairs, both local and international, so much that the students are able to relate it to their everyday lives. Since attending Mr Wong’s English tuition, Shaun has shown confidence in his command of  English and his English has jumped by two grades within a short time.
Often, my two boys are excited to bring home what they have learnt from their lessons and share it during mealtimes! As a parent, I feel assured that my children are in good hands. I will continue to send my two boys to Mr Wong’s English tuition and recommend you to send yours too.

"My two boys are excited to bring home what they have learnt from their lessons and share it during mealtimes!"

A English tutor whom is able to inspire, to empower and to instill the love of learning is like a rare gem. Still, I am glad that my daughter has the good fortune to find an English tutor who is able to help her. Mr Edwin Wong is very passionate about what he does. I do hope that he will continue to help more students to excel not just in their academic, as well as the love for the language. 

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Initially, when Yuxin told me he wanted to attend Mr Wong’s English tuition class, I was very hesitant as he had not been keen on English since a young age.
We know that English is very important so we have been telling him to read but he just simply refuses and I can see from his grades that he wasn’t doing well. 
As parents we understand that English is the most important subject as it helps with other subjects such as Geography or History, you would have to write fluently to get the grades you want.

Since he had this interest to join Mr Wong’s English tuition programme, I decided to give it a try.
After joining his class, I’m quite surprised that after a few months, Yuxin’s vocabulary has increased.

For the past one year that he has been with Mr Wong, his English grades improved tremendously. Most importantly I can see a change in his character. Which is something that is quite surprising to me.
I would think that English tuition is just to improve your command of English, so what has it go to do with your character? I believe the stories and current affairs he shares have inspired the students, especially my son. I feel very grateful because Yuxin had never been so interested in his studies but now he even goes out of his way to buy books to read.
I am very grateful for what Mr Wong has done for Yuxin and I’m very glad that I’ve enrolled him for Mr Wong's English tuition. 

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