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The Rationale Thinking Learning Centre is an English Tuition Centre in Singapore that is dedicated to maximising a student’s potential in achieving a “Distinction” in their General Paper or ‘O’ Level English Examinations. Our sought-after English tutor, Mr Edwin Wong, has personally strengthened the English writing skills of hundreds of students and the communication skills required to ace their English Oral examinations.

Armed with a Law Degree, 10 years of working experience and 4 years of teaching experience, Mr Edwin Wong is a specialist in the English language that amalgamates both linguistic skills and current affairs into his teachings.

Our Bishan Tuition Centre is located conveniently in Singapore and can easily be reached via MRT or buses. With a passionate and nurturing team, we aim to develop and enable our children to excel in both their character and academic performances.


The Rationale Thinking Learning Centre provides one of the best English tuition programmes in Singapore for Secondary School, IP and Junior College students to ace their English, GCE 'O' & 'A' Level Examinations.
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